What Makes Mongolian Hair Extensions Popular Amongst the Fashionistas

In artificial hair integration, authentic human hair is considered as the gold standard. Of all the different types of virgin hair weaves or extensions, QYQ®’s Mongolian hair extensions are one of the best in the market. Our Mongolian hair is in very high demand owing to the strands being extremely strong and shiny. We make sure to source only untreated and unprocessed Mongolian hair from donors with healthy hair. Our Mongolian hair weaves come in deep curl, body wave and straight styles.

Given below are some of the reasons why our Mongolian hair extensions are so popular amongst fashion-loving women.

# Hassle-free maintenance

Our Mongolian hair extensions do not demand a lot of maintenance as they are quite flexible. Even if you style it in numerous different ways, they will not lose their natural lustre. Moreover, you can maintain the hair weaves just like your natural hair. You can use shampoo to restore its shine and conditioner to keep the strands hydrated. 100% Unprocessed Human Virgin Remy Hair

# Durable and light

Mongolian hair is strongly recommended if you are looking for hair weaves that are not too thick or coarse. Our Mongolian virgin Remy hair extensions are collectively very light whilst being flexible and long-lasting. You can bleach, dye or style the extensions in any way that pleases you.

# Blends easily with natural hair

When it comes to versatility, very few types of hair extensions come close to Mongolian hair weaves. At QYQ®, we make sure to bring to you only the highest quality of hair extensions that are completely unprocessed and easily matches with natural hair. In case the colour of your extensions does not match with your own hair, you can dye the extensions. Mongolian hair extensions

# Affordable Price

Our Mongolian hair weaves are priced competitively. We directly ship our products from trusted and renowned manufacturers in order to remove the hassle middlemen. This enables us to pass the savings to our discerning customers.

So, do you want to enhance your appearance or add more volume to your natural hair? Check out QYQ®’s expansive selection of Mongolian hair extensions. You can place your order online and leave the rest to us. Our products are supplied in the UK, as well as, abroad. We have limited 5 items per purchase, but if you need to order more, you can get in touch with our expert sales executive.