Pеruvіаn Hаіr Extension

Peruvian hair extension is one of the softest varieties of extension you can find in today’s hair market.

The lightweight nature of this hair extensions, makes it possible for women to have as many bundles as they wish to, in order to achieve that beautiful look. You can actually wear up to 5 bundles of the Peruvian virgin hair Peruvian virgin hair and not end up feeling burdened.

The Peruvian hair, when compared to Brazilian and Indian hair, is thicker and coarser in texture. The luster of this type of hair varies from low to medium, but it’s extremely beautiful and its softness makes the hair very easy to maintain and manage. The Peruvian Remy is not processed or treated with any kind of chemical. Its cuticles are intact and run in the same direction, making styling very easy for women.

Who can wear the Peruvian hair extension?

Peruvian hair is a multipurpose extension, but is usually blends well with relaxed African-American textures. It is also perfect with medium Caucasian hair textures. Peruvian hair Extensions

How to style the Peruvian hair extension?

Because of the natural state of the Peruvian hair, you’re provided with flexible options when it comes to its styling. You can ye, bleach or process the hair as desired without worrying about any form of damages.

Caring for your Peruvian hair extension

Just like any other virgin hair extension, make sure you clean your Peruvian hair regularly using good quality moisturizers and shampoos. Ensure that you also invest a good conditioner to retain the beauty of your hair extension. Your Hair Extension

Always choose hair products that are free of alcohol because it tends to dry the hair, making it to be frizzy. Avoid hair oils that are too heavy because they can restrict the movement of hair and increase the risk of tangling.

You can purchase the Peruvian hair extension easily online, but there is always a need to ensure that you’re getting your hair from a reputable supplier. After you’ve got the hair, do everything it takes to handle it with care and it will last very long for you.