Natural Human Hair Extensions: A Must-have in Women’s Hair Product Arsenal

Due to the drastic weather and climatic changes, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain natural, healthy hair. In addition to that, demands of professional life are making women unable to find ample time to take care of their hair. This is why, QYQ®’s gorgeous range of virgin Remy hair extensions are increasingly becoming a popular addition to women’s hair product collection. Our Mongolian, Peruvian and Brazilian hair weave are some of the best that are available in the market and our competitive pricing makes us all the more

Our Remy Hair Extensions is Made from 100% Human Hair

Our renowned and reputed manufacturers make hair extensions only from human hair that have been sourced from donor having extremely thick, voluminous and healthy hair. The quality of our hair extensions are the finest because they have their cuticles still intact. We preserve the cuticles of the hair which are aligned in an unidirectional fashion so that the extensions appear completely natural. The presence of the cuticles also ensure that our extensions remain super shiny, soft, silky and tangle-free for a very long time Our Remy Hair Extensions is Made from 100% Human Hair

We Supply Hair Weaves that are Unprocessed

At QYQ®, we understand the reason why women like using natural human hair extensions. In most of the cases, they choose hair weaves to hide their receding hairline or as a solution to excessive hair fall. There are also women who make use of hair extensions because they like to have a new look every other day. In order to cater to all the different demands and needs of women, we offer hair extensions that are not treated by any harsh chemicals. Since the weaves that we offer have never been processed, they are virgin hair and can be dyed, bleached, coloured, curled or put under any styling treatment by the users.

Our hair extensions come in straight, body wave and deep curl styles. They are available in natural colours and do not require much maintenance. As our extensions are made from human hair, they can be washed and brushed just like one’s own natural hair.

So, are you in need of premium quality human hair extensions? Check out our eclectic range of hair weaves to make your choice. You are allowed up to 20 items/purchase, but if you need more, do not hesitate to get in touch.