Human Hair Extension All You Need To Know

What is your reaction when you suddenly discover that the mop of your hair have started thinning? Do you gift your teeth?Or try to face the fact that something has to be done? Today, new cosmetic methods can now help you in retaining your attractive looks if you are ready to spend a little money and time. You can decide to buy a wig, but this cannot fully coveryour appendage from suspicious eyes. The ideal option to choose in this scenario is human hair extension. Do you want to know more about this? Read on.

Human hair extension is the process of attaching real or synthetic hair to someone’s own hair so that the person will appear to have a fuller and thicker hair growth that is actually the case.

There are various types of human hair extension that you can choose from, but the 3 most popular includes;Human Hair Extension

  • Remy hair extension
  • Virgin hair extension
  • Non Remy hair extension

Remy human hair extension is the most popular type of human hair extension on the market due to its amazing quality and affordable price for the value. The tern “Remy” in hair extension, refers to the general characteristics of the hair as well as the specific method used in manufacturing and collecting the hair extensions. Virgin Remy human hair it the preferred choice for hair extensions, wigs and hair pieces.

Virgin hair extensions are 100% real human hair that has never been altered by a chemical process. Virgin hair it the highest quality human hair available on the market. This hair is expensive, yet it does last for a longer time than Remy hair, making it worth the investment.

Non-Remy hair extension is the hair collected from the floor of salons, temples and random suppliers. With this type of collection method, cuticle directions become mixed, causing unavoidable shedding, matting and tangling problems.Human Hair Extension

There are 3 major methods used I human hair extension, they are as follows;

There first method of extension known as the bond variety, is a procedure where the additional hair is attached to the real hair by means of a bonding substance such as glue. This method can be very effective if done professionally, and people will not be able to recognize the part of your hair that is not your own.

The second method of extension is the clip-on variety. In this procedure, the additional hair is clipped into the person’s natural hair.

The third method of extension is the weave variety of hair extension. Thais procedure entails the sewing of the hair extension into the person’s natural hair.