4 Reasons Why False Eyelashes Are So Popular

QYQ® are one of the leading importers, exporters and e-commerce businesses specialising in high-quality eyelash extensions in the UK and abroad. We ship products in bulk directly from our manufacturers to our customers. Our comprehensive range of eyelash extensions include K-style and 3D eyelashes. Our entire team of professionals strive hard to maintain the highest standards of quality and we make sure we deliver eyelashes that are free from any harmful chemicals or dye.

Below are the reasons why our eyelash extensions are so popular all over the world.

# We offer completely natural-looking eyelashes

Our K-style or 3D mink fur eyelashes are handmade and feathered to achieve the desired natural look. They are used for cosmetic purposes on a large-scale and nobody can tell the difference between natural eyelashes and our extensions. 3D-Style Eyelash Extensions

# Our eyelash extensions give a great look to your eye makeup

Velvety smooth and rich, our false eyelasheshelp to dramatically improve your eye makeup and give it a vivid and shiny look. You can instantly improve your appearance and look more sophisticated and beautiful. After all, eyes are considered as one of the best features on a woman and long, natural-looking eyelash extensions can help you enhance your appearance.

# We provide false eyelashes that can be re-used

At QYQ®, we are focused on providing you quality products and services that are value for money. Our eyelash extensions can be used more than twenty-five times if you take care of them. If you are unaware of how to take care of eyelash extensions, you can talk to our professionals who will talk you through the very simple care instructions. 3D-Style Eyelash Extensions

# Our collection of false eyelashes come in different lengths and types

We understand that no two individuals are alike and neither are your faces. This is why, we continuously update our eyelash extension stock so we can cater to the needs of every fashionista. If you want our K-style mink fur eyelashes, you can choose eyelashes that are extremely lightweight, bold and wispy or lightweight double-layered shortening to the inner corner with bold and wispy curls and more. As for 3D-style eyelash extensions, we have criss cross clusters to wispy curls and more.

So, if you are looking for fake eyelashes, QYQ® is the company for you. We offer free shipping, quick delivery and 24/7 customer support. Visit our e-commerce store, place your order and leave the rest to us. If need any more information, you can get in touch with us, via phone or email. Our professionals are only to happy to help.