• 4 Reasons Why False Eyelashes Are So Popular

    QYQ® are one of the leading importers, exporters and e-commerce businesses specialising in high-quality eyelash extensions in the UK and abroad. We ship products in bulk directly from our manufacturers to our customers. Our comprehensive range of eyelash extensions include K-style and 3D eyelashes. Our entire team of professionals strive hard to maintain the highest standards of quality and we make sure we deliver eyelashes that are free from any harmful chemicals or dye.
  • Being A Woman

    I am Very impressed with the quality of QYQ® extensions! Definitely 100% human hair! That is why I will like to talk about Being A Woman
  • Quality of Hair Extensions

    In order to provide our clients with the best luxury hair extensions QYQ® Hair only use the finest quality Virgin Remy hair.
  • Human Hair Extension All You Need To Know

    What is your reaction when you suddenly discover that the mop of your hair have started thinning? Do you gift your teeth? Or try to face the fact that something has to be done? Today, new cosmetic methods can now help you in retaining your attractive looks if you are ready to spend a little money and time. You can decide to buy a wig, but this cannot fully cover your appendage from suspicious eyes. The ideal option to choose in this scenario is human hair extension. Do you want to know more about this?
  • What I Discovered About Mink Eyelash

    Eyelash extension is used in enhancing the length, thickness, fullness, and Curliness of natural eyelashes. The extensions are made from various materials Such as mink, human or synthetic hair. The main method of applying extension is by using an adhesive glue to stick them individually to the eyelashes one-by-one. This prevents the false eyelashes from sticking together.
  • Mоngоlіаn Hаіr Extеnѕіоn

    Mongolian hair extensions are the newest type of hair and are being worn by most women and female celebrities you see today. This type of hair extensions are created from 100% natural hair. Also, the hair cuticle remains intact so the hair can naturally reflect light, giving it a lustrous sheen. Women prefer this type of hair because of its thickness, sheen and luster.
  • Pеruvіаn Hаіr Extension

    Peruvian hair extension is one of the softest varieties of extension you can find in today’s hair market. The lightweight nature of this hair extensions, makes it possible for women to have as many bundles as they wish to, in order to achieve that beautiful look. You can actually wear up to 5 bundles of the Peruvian virgin hair and not end up feeling burdened.
  • Natural Human Hair Extensions: A Must-have in Women’s Hair Product Arsenal

    Due to the drastic weather and climatic changes, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain natural, healthy hair. In addition to that, demands of professional life are making women unable to find ample time to take care of their hair. This is why, QYQ®’s gorgeous range of virgin Remy hair extensions are increasingly becoming a popular addition to women’s hair product collection. Our Mongolian, Peruvian and Brazilian hair weave are some of the best that are available in the market and our competitive pricing makes us all the more appealing. 

  • What Makes Mongolian Hair Extensions Popular Amongst the Fashionistas

    In artificial hair integration, authentic human hair is considered as the gold standard. Of all the different types of virgin hair weaves or extensions, QYQ®’s Mongolian hair extensions are one of the best in the market. Our Mongolian hair is in very high demand owing to the strands being extremely strong and shiny. We make sure to source only untreated and unprocessed Mongolian hair from donors with healthy hair. Our Mongolian hair weaves come in deep curl, body wave and straight styles.
  • How To Tell The Difference Between Real Brazilian And Fake One

    Today, Brazilian hair is becoming the most sought-after type of hair. This type of hair, when compared to the Indian hair, is better at coping with humid condition as it produces less frizz. Its main advantages are the fact that it is think, durable and soft. The texture blends easily with various kinds of ethnicities like Caucasian relaxed to African American texture. This type of hair has a low-to-medium luster and Natural shine.